Elevate Your Presence Online!

In this technological age of digital communication and online businesses, you need an aesthetic, fully integrated, and optimized website and app to establish your online presence and dominate. You sure want to attract customers, expand your outreach, and scale your business, don’t you?
Then embrace ZGM Tech’s website and app design, development, and support service!

The Perfect Website For Your Business

What do you look for in a perfect website?

Instant page loading, eye-catching design, mobile and user-friendly interface, SEO, superior functionality, and performance, right?
From backend performance optimization to front-end design and layout features, we develop a website tailored to your business, providing the best user-experience.

It’s not just a website, it’s your brand image – let’s make it stand out!

Behind The Scenes Web Development

There’s a whole world of complex programming that brings all the elements of your website together.

Our backend developers manage the server, application, and database to keep your website up and running smoothly 24/7.

Skilled in coding using PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, our team analyzes your requirements and provides efficient solutions.

Moreover, we keep your data protected and your security top-notch with SSL certificate encryption.

Our goal is to enhance the backend to the extent you don’t even realize something is going on behind the scenes of your website!

Setting Up Your Website According To Your Needs

Your website is your canvas. We will prepare it to match your preferences and personify your brand. Whether you are:

  • Launching a full-fledge e-commerce platform and want to integrate shop and payment options;
  • Planning a brochure website to advertise your business service or product;
  • Setting up a microsite as an offshoot to your main website;
  • Or creating a separate mobile site for your business.

We will deliver bespoke solutions for you, enabling you to stand out and scale.

Selecting A Hosting Service

To put up your website on the internet, you need a server to host it.

We’ll help you explore several web hosts and select the right one for you. It will provide you with the following:

  • The choice of a domain name that captures your brand identity, is easily recognizable, and convenient to search.
  • A server to keep your website live and manage your traffic.
  • Storage space for your website’s content and code.

Give your business the boost it needs. Create an effective online presence.

Website Designing To Capture Your Audience & Enhance Their Experience

50 milliseconds are all you have to sway viewers’ first impressions of your website.
No pressure, though. We’re here to help you create a meaningful impact and turn first-time visitors into recurring customers!
Whether you are designing your website from scratch, redesigning it, or tuning it up, we’ll cover every visual and functional component thoroughly to elevate the user experience.

  • Speed & ResponsivenessSlow-loading websites cost businesses in $2.6 billion loss in revenue! 61% of visitors don’t return to a website if they’re unable to access it from their mobile phone.
    You don’t want to be one of those businesses, right?
    We help you boost your webpages loading speeds and integrate a responsive design to be accessible from all devices.
    Once users reach your website, make sure they don’t bounce off to your competitors!
  • NavigationThe layout and presentation of your website matter immensely.
    Where is your menu located? How is text arranged?
    If a user can’t navigate your website, you have just a lost a potential customer!
    At ZGM Tech, we focus on providing your user with a simplistic and organized navigation experience to help them explore your website with ease
  • Content68% of consumers want to learn about your product or service through videos rather than written content.
    But maintaining a balance between multimedia and text is important to create such a powerful impact.
    Our design team we’ll help you use every content tool to maximize the attention you grab.
  • Creative VisualsGiven 15 minutes, 2/3 of website visitors will consume aesthetically pleasing content than plain and ordinary visuals.
    Everything from color to font and icons matters in your Website/App Designing extraordinary.
    Put your creative hat on to deliver attractive visuals to customers!

Creating A Fully-Integrated Website

Your website is your customer’s first interaction with you.

In fact, 26% of people don’t even trust a business without a website.

Use your site to narrate your brand’s story, connect with customers, and stay ahead of the competition.

Optimize with SEO, automate with Content Management Systems (CMS), and integrate your website with social media – leave no chance for customers to go elsewhere!


From on-page SEO to off-page SEO and beyond, we ensure your Website/App Designing is optimized to rank on top of search engines and generates consistent leads for your business.


Easily create a variety of content without complex coding or time-consuming protocols. Focus on delivering quality content through a reliable CMS.
From WordPress to Joomla, we’ll walk you through some of the best CMS.


Bring customers from your social media page to your website and let them explore your social media through your website.
Create a consistent brand image your customers can relate to and trust.
We’ll get the two platforms integrated without any hassle.

Conversion Rate Optimization

76% of customers will visit your website before visiting your store physically.

That’s the ultimate goal of your Website/App Designing: to bring you, customers, either physically or online – and loyal ones too!

With ZGM Tech on your team, boost your conversion rate multifold and cash in on the $100 on $1 ROI of an enhanced user experience.

The Masters Of WebMastering At Your Service

We don’t just deliver on short-term goals for your business. We partner with you on your sustainable growth path.

We’ll maintain your websites, revise web pages, analyze your traffic, and ensure your website provides the best possible experience 24/7/36!

That’s web mastering for you!
Team up with us, Website/App Designing and develop a cracking website, and scale new horizons for your brand.

Exponentially & Sustainably Grow Your Business.

Invest In Your Ultimate Digital Storefront.

You have a vision. We have the expertise and resources to get you there.
Together, let’s help you conquer and make your mark.

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