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The future is here, and it’s digital.

We deliver robust, scalable, and sophisticated IT infrastructure solutions to keep your business in sync with changing work dynamics, propelling you to success.
Integrate technology in data and communication.

Collaborate with ZGM Tech for state-of-the-art infrastructure systems!

Streamlining Data Sharing Across Your Organization

At ZGM Tech, we simplify the sharing of information among all your stakeholders – employees, clients, and partners.
We optimize your IT operations’ speed and storage, enhancing productivity, boosting performance, and delivering exceptional results.
Leverage data to accelerate your growth!

Stay Connected Through Local Networks

Local networking goes far beyond file-sharing or printer access; bespoke Commercial Infrastructure Solutions enable your organization and employees to communicate, connect, and collaborate seamlessly.

Multiple Options

With ZGM Tech, you can choose between a client/server LAN or a peer-to-peer network.
Our team will understand your processes and recommend the best option in line with your goals.
Now, you no longer have to change your business processes to suit off-the-shelve Commercial Infrastructure Solutions but rather get a network solution tailored around your business.

Isn’t that just what you want?

Boost Efficiency & Productivity

We’ll set up and maintain a smooth functioning LAN system to help you:

  • Save costs of installation and maintenance.
  • Connect multiple users at a time through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables.
  • Add or remove devices; modify existing ones according to your needs
  • Join multiple LANs to larger virtual LAN
  • Speed up communication and data sharing
  • Secure sensitive information and maintain automated backups

Keep your business connected, your employees motivated, and your data protected by making the right choice for a local network provider.

Futuristic Cable Wiring & Mounting

In today’s fast-paced business environment, your business is relying more than ever on cable infrastructure to support data transfers.
At ZGM Tech, we provide comprehensive systems for cable installation and maintenance to ensure your wiring is lined up to match your requirements.
From fiber optic cables and coaxial cables to shielded or unshielded twisted pair cables, Our engineer provides Commercial Infrastructure solutions to accommodate higher bandwidth and secure the transmission of data.

  • Untangling Wires With Structured Infrastructure
    Tangled wired result in congestion, downtimes, data loss, and most seriously, safety hazards.
    We organize cables to minimize these risks and boost performance.
    Plus, it becomes easier to identify faulty connections and replace them instantly!
  • Constantly Upgrading With your business growing and technology continuously updating, you can always level up your cable wiring.
    We set up your system to allow quicker installation and up-gradation to always keep your business at the top of its potential!
  • Cloud Computing To Advance Your Digital InfrastructureEnhancing storage, accelerating networking, and leveraging Big Data to deliver personalized and efficient solutions; every business looking to grow is exploring the countless applications of cloud computing.
    But selecting, understanding, and implementing a cloud strategy that upgrades your processes is the challenge.
  • Collaborating To Meet Your GoalsAt ZGM Tech, we offer end-to-end service and support to help you set up the perfect cloud system for your business.
    We assess your needs, analyze your operations, and walk you through innovative options and solutions that will produce optimal outcomes for your organization

Selecting The Cloud System For You

Our cloud strategies are designed to cater to your operations, manage workloads, and minimize the risk of data loss or security threats.

  • Public CloudsWe recommend public clouds for high frequency and large volume of data sharing where low maintenance and security are required.
  • Private CloudsPrivate cloud systems are safer, flexible, and scalable. If you want to protect sensitive data and have greater control of how it is shared, opt for a private cloud.
  • Hybrid CloudsYou can choose to shift between public and private clouds whenever you need greater volume or greater security for your data.
    Reduce costs and workloads. Boost connectivity and security.
    Scale your business with cloud computing!

Transform Call Management With VOIP Systems

At ZGM Tech, we don’t just improve IT infrastructure to support your in-organization processes.
We take your communication with remote workers and clients to the next level.
Our advanced VOIP systems replace traditional plain old telephone service (POTS), also called the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to help you transition towards innovation in communication.

Digitize Call Management

You will have all the usual services, such as caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling, etc. but over the internet! That’s because VOIP converts voice into digital data.
Integrate your desktop computer as softphones and link your calls to your content management systems – have all the data available at every workstation!

Embrace Flexibility

VOIP will redefine call management for your business by offering the following and more:

  • Reduces costs of set-up, maintenance, and hardware
  • Allows you to operate remotely and encourage greater flexibility
  • Integrates with others communication systems, including instant messaging, video conferencing

Manage your calls like never before and stay ahead of the curve.
Choose VOIP Call Management with ZGM Tech!

Automated Email Solutions

Whether you use emails to communicate with employees or connect with leads, tailored email solutions will help you accelerate and optimize your operations.
Plus, email marketing provides 42 times the returns than your initial investment. Don’t you want to capitalize on such a profitable opportunity?
With our extensive email solutions, you can manage bulk emails at once, personalize messages, automate reminders, and save your time and resources.
Improve email communication and boost your conversion rates!

Managed Systems Hosting

Looking to upgrade your systems but keep your data centers elsewhere?
ZGM Tech offers to take care of your systems, keep them up and running constantly, and minimize security risks right from the data centers in our facility.
You can enjoy lower costs, instant maintenance, and a more protected server – all managed by us!
Isn’t that just what you’re searching for to scale your business?

24/7 Remote Support

Our infrastructure solutions make your work simple and streamlined but navigating any unexpected bugs or errors can be difficult.
That’s why we provide 24/7 remote support to immediately take care of any inconvenience or errors and assist you in understanding complex procedures.
We can also remotely access your servers with your permission for repairs and maintenance.
At ZGM Tech, we’re always nearby!

Embrace Technology & Automation

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