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As you read this, 58.11% of the world’s population– around 4 billion people – scroll through social media, and close to 100,000 searches are madeon search engines. Yes, that’s right!
How do you cut through the noise and clamor to get through to your target audience?
By embracing an effective digital marketing and lead generation strategy!

Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers With ZGM Tech

A marketing strategy is only as good as the people behind it, and the Our team is full of expert and creative marketers brimming with multi-industry experience.
We make sure your content educates, informs, and engages your target audience, helping create an affinity for your brand.
By understanding your brand, target audience, competition, and market trends, we craft and execute an effective digital marketing strategy that increases your brand appeal.
Isn’t that just what you want?

Garner Traffic. Improve Leads. Stimulate Sales.

Our mode of work has a simple mantra: Harness Data& Leverage Emotions To Deliver Results. Exhibiting a no-nonsense attitude, our team sets towork immediately. We understand your business goals, formulate a brandingstrategy, and create lead milestones for a directional approach. With a streamlined plan in order, your marketing remainseffective, efficient, and goal oriented.

We Create Sustainable Growth

Unlike companies that guarantee a surge in leads withfast, inorganic promotions; we don’t do any of that. We want you to succeed, in the present, future, andthe very long-term, and we understand that success stories are not created overnight. Our team works hard to generate organic leads, increasetraffic, and improve brand visibility on the web. We help your business grow slowly and sustainablyto become a trendsetter.

Leading You To A Thriving Online Presence

About 86% of Canadians interact with businesses onsocial media platforms.

How do you make sure you are one of them?

Our holistic services are personalized to your brandand driven to achieve your lead generation and conversion goals.

Have a look at our all-encompassing, omnichannel marketing solutions:

  • Google AdwordsUp your pay-per-click advertising game by ranking high on Google. Faster than SEO and delivering measurable success, Google Adwords allowsseamless targeting and cost efficiency – all-in-one. Expand your reach, encapsulate yourtarget audience, and create a noteworthy buzz in the digital arena.
  • Facebook AdsMore than14 millionCanadians log onto theirFacebookprofiles every day. This means a high proportionof your target marketing is scrollingand waiting for you to make your move. Ensure your content remains at the top of their listwith an effectiveFacebookads strategy. Connect with users and drive your ROI upwards.
  • Pay-Per-Click CampaignsIn sight and on minds – avail the benefit of exposureby going big on search engines. Indulge in an intelligently targeted PPC campaign allocatedwell within your daily budget with just the right keywords. Select bids, attract, lead, driveconversions with Us.
  • Instagram MarketingEstablish your potential, engage with your targetmarket, and create meaningful relationships on the mobile application with the4th most users.From aesthetic posts to attractive stories, drive engagement with the1+ billion users and make your brand completelygram-worthy!
  • Landing PagesCreate compelling call-to-action to convert leadsinto sales instantaneously. Companies witness a55%surge in leads upon an increase in landing pages because first impressions matter. Let your landing page personify your brand’sidentity and build a consumer base that runs far and wide.
  • Long-term StrategiesEnvision your ultimate goal and create a streamlinedmarketing plan leading you to it. With eyes on the bigger picture, every marketing tacticand instrument is carefully chosen to align with the mission and vision of your brand.
  • Live Dashboard ReportingMonitor your performance and measure the success of your marketing plans through interactive data visualizations. Create dashboardsthat help you analyze, track, assess, and report data in real time. Live updates – timely decisionmaking!
  • Analytics and TrackingUnderstand your perfect digital marketing Services mix with digital analytical tools that span multiple channels and social media platforms. Record the successof your campaigns and use the calculated metrics for future marketing plan ideas.Let your success pave a domino effect to long-term triumph!
  • Conversion Rate OptimizationLower customer acquisition costs, enhance value gainand lead your visitors to your desired call-to-action in unique, user-friendly ways. CRO tools have an all-time great return-on-investment of 223%. Embrace the ROI foryour benefit, expand your consumer base, and grow your business.

Call Tracking& VoIP Implementation

Discover the ad campaign generating the best phone call conversions to improve your future marketing plans. Call Tracking delivers useful performance data, easy backtracking, and tangible results – all meant to perfect your marketing channel choice to generate increasing revenues.

1:1 Client Meetings for Progress Tracking

Take a break from digital affiliations to create real-time relationships on a personal level. Meet, greet, and discuss performance and plans, creating an effective feedback model. Keep the motivation high and the team bond strong to continue making strides in the digital arena.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

The web has, not thousands, not millions, but billions of businesses – and more coming each day.
Among these entrants,95% fail to leverage social media and Digital Marketing Services to their advantage.
Do not make the same mistake. Embrace the future. Begin your digital marketing and lead generation plan today, with our agency.

Why Choose ZGM Tech?

We do not say we are the best. We let our work do the talking for us. With a team of specialized marketers, a portfolio spanning multiple industries, and years of experience, our digital marketing, and lead generation strategies have a world of benefits to offer.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Improve Quality Backlinks

Create Exposure

Drive Traffic

Enhance Brand Visibility

Improve Return On Investment

Increase Conversions

Expand Consumer Base

Create Growth That Lasts

Go digital. Elevate your brand!

Expand, grow, and succeed – the ZGM Tech way.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Marketing and PPC (FAQ)

Paid social media is the means to display advertising or sponsored marketing messages on popular social media platforms, and to target certain niche audiences or demographics. It’s also like traditional advertising, as it helps raise brand awareness of your company Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), branded or influencer generated content, and display advertisingare examples of paid social media.

Most ad placements on social media are displayed on mobile phones, which means most of your ads will be explicitly designed for the small screen.
While it is also important to have that fit well on a desktop computer, improperly sized mobile advertising can be a huge deterrent to your target audience, which ultimately leads to poor lead conversion.

A reputable and knowledgeable company like ZGM Tech will use detailed metrics to track campaign success. This information is the key to providing our clients with provable ROI’s. If a social media management company doesn’t include these things in their service, then it’s time to call the professionals. We can assist clients with Analytics data and will report on insights to help make informed business decisions.

The goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to get traffic and visibility from both organic and paid search results. For example, two main PPC providers, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads,charge a fee per click (CPC) basis. One of the goals of managed PPC campaigns is to effectively reduce CPC (cost per click), while at the same time attracting meaningful target groups.
Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on optimizing a website to generate traffic from organic search results. This includes local SEO optimization, global SEO optimization, title tags and SEO content writing.

You have a vision. We have the expertise and resources to get you there.
Together, let’s help you conquer and make your mark.

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