Expert, Reliable and Calculated SEO Strategies to Improve Search Engine Rankings!

What is Search Engine Optimization and how can it improve website lead generation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online strategy that can help your business reach a larger audience and increase sales and leads from website and social media content. With many consumers researching online before purchasing, if you’re not at the top of search engines, you could be missing out on critical business.
You may be asking yourself why you should care about SEO and if a website needs updated content to rank in Google. Did you know 90% of people only check the first 10 results that rank in a Google search? There is a well-known saying in the digital marketing world “if it exists on the second page of Google, it may as well not exist at all”. Think about how many potential customers/clients your business could be missing out just because your website is not properly optimized for search engine results.

How can ZGM Tech Experts help you rank in the top Google Results?

A trusted search engine optimization company is crucial to creating an online presence that will continue to grow and attract new customers to avoid reaching a plateau in your business’s growth.
Investing the time into quality content gives your website continuous visibility in the top results which will in turn increase conversions. Relevant and consistent updates with the right keywords should be maintained to attract visitors, but many business owners find this difficult to manage without the help of a third party.

Digital Agency that Outperforms the rest!

ZGM Tech offers various services, including:

  • On-page Seo
  • Technical Seo
  • Blogger Campaigns & guest posts
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Value Pitches And Exchanges
  • Directories And Citations
  • Google Reviews
  • Other search engine reviews
  • Global Seo strategies to increase visibility on search engines
  • Local Seo Service to increase Google rankings for local searches
  • Keyword Research
  • Market segmentation and campaigns
  • Live and real time dashboards & reporting
  • Analytics And Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Call Tracking
  • Regular Client Meetings to track return on investment (ROIs)
  • PPC campaigns
  • Mobile Search SEO
  • SEO Optimized ALT Text, meta descriptions and Page Titles
  • Backlink building/citation building

Increased Brand Visibility on Google means more money in your pocket!

What if we told you that content marketing & SEO Service, if done properly, dramatically increases your visibility, rankings, and sales from organic channels. Getting the top rank directs the maximum referral traffic on your website and increases the likelihood of sales.
Using certain keywords increases targeted traffic and thus creates brand awareness in the market. While we make it appear natural and effortless, increasing low-cost organic listings in search engines like Google, Google Maps, YouTube, and Bing aren’t actually easy at all. Our experts know the best white hat practices for SEO and search engine ranking tactics to save you time and headache.

Our ZGM Tech Process that gets you to the top!

Online presence is everything these days. Make sure your brand stands out so you don’t get left behind. We customize your digital strategy to ensure your brand is trusted and discovered by valuable users worldwide.
Note* this is a step-by-step process outline, so it should be accompanied by some sort of graphics depicting each step and what it entails.

  • Inital Call The first step in our process is to do a detailed business analysis by one of our SEO experts service. Afterward, we contact you for a quick call so that we can get to know each other better and fully understand your brand and the desired outcome for the company
  • Keyword Research for SEO We then begin our keyword research. This process is one of the most lengthy and important steps in increasing the rankings of your company’s website. If you don’t know the difference between long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, or keyword difficulty, don’t worry because we do! We have a marketing expert and your individual project manager review and approve the list before final approval from you.
  • Content Strategy Planning At ZGM Tech, we create a business plan for SEO and content marketing consistent with your company’s digital marketing goals and search engine optimization budget.
    We take the guesswork of content marketing for our clients, so they can focus on all the other important aspects of running their business. From the moment we start working with you, we do all the hard work. Say goodbye to writing lengthy blogs to increase website traffic.
  • Initial Optimization & Website SEO Analysis Once we have completed the process’s strategy planning phase, we will complete an initial optimization of your website. This will provide a strong framework for further marketing and content creation efforts. Although the initial SEO and website analysis increase your SEO ranking on your websites, this is only a small part of our process and must be followed up with ongoing maintenance.
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization When we enter the content marketing phase here at ZGM, we constantly create, publish, and refresh unique content for your brand. By doing this, we create a dominant and attractive online presence on your social media and your website.
  • Growth & ImprovementWe constantly evaluate the data and analysis to ensure that our work is in line with your company’s goal. We constantly learn and keep up to date with the best SEO practices for companies. We won’t be beat!

If you want to do one or more of the following things,
ZGM Tech can help you get started on the road to business success and growth.

→ GET MORE LEADS – We optimize your website so that more people can recognize your website in your target market.

→ GET MORE SALES – We plan content and marketing to connect to your social following so that you want and need your product or SEO service.

→ REACH MORE CUSTOMERS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA – We plan relatable and attractive social media content and marketing campaigns to best connect with your social media following. Not only do we plan the content for you and give you innovative ideas, but we can also reach out to key business partners, such as influencers and affiliates.

→ GET MORE MEANINGFUL TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE – We ensure the content on your website is optimized to provide relevant and useful information to your target audience, so your brand is trusted in the eyes of those it matters most to.

Let us set up a long-term content success plan for optimal business growth!

At ZGM Tech, we’re truly invested in the success of your business.

We know that to be profitable and competitive in the long run, it is crucial to invest in your company’s organic presence, which reduces your costs per acquisition. We track your return on investment (ROI) for you, so we know exactly how to maximize your SEO and content strategy.

When you trust ZGM Tech digital marketing services, you are guaranteed you have an expert on your team that has dedicated thousands of hours to perfecting a strategy to help you grow and nurture business leads.

You have a vision. We have the expertise and resources to get you there.
Together, let’s help you conquer and make your mark.

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